Therapeutic features of diamond stone in lithotherapy

Therapy has become a wide field that needs exploration. In many ways, therapy has become the centre of human life. On the other hand, lithotherapy comes from a combination of two Greek words lithos, which means stones and therapiea meaning…

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What is the link between endometriosis and infertility?

Des études démontreraient qu’il y a un lien possible entre l’endométriose et l’infertilité. Si ce lien n’est pas totalement défini, on constate que 30 à 50% des femmes souffrant d’endométriose souffrent d’infertilité. L’infertilité se définit comme l’incapacité de concevoir après un an…

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A Cancer-Free Lifestyle

There is no doubt that the statistics on cancer are alarming; they predict that one in four people will develop it one day. The word “cancer” alone is a source of great excitement and heralds great suffering. But fortunately, we…

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Constipation: a matter of position

Who would have thought that the position you take to go to the bathroom would affect stool expulsion? In fact, modernization is not always synonymous with efficiency. Of course, sitting on a toilet seat is far more comfortable than squatting…

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The use of semi-precious stones in lithotherapy

To be mentally and physically healthy, several methods can be used. One of them is lithotherapy. This method is based on the use of semi-precious and precious stones to heal and relieve certain ailments of the body and mind. Lithotherapy:…

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Food supplements to protect the health of the skin

The skin is a very delicate organ, and its maintenance is really essential to avoid any skin irritation or infection. Many means and techniques are used today to preserve the health of the skin, including surgical interventions. However, to protect…

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Which plants to use to strengthen the immune system?

Various diseases are caused by a weak immune system. Not only is it dangerous, but even worse, it can be fatal. So do prevention now and strengthen yours with the support of these few plants. Find out what they are…

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Advantages of using a lumbar belt

For people suffering from back pain, there is an effective solution to reduce the pain: the lumbar belt. But what is it? And with all the models available on the market, which one to choose? Lumbar belt: what exactly is…

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Why choose reusable sanitary pads?

Menstruation evokes a sanitary napkin, tampon or menstrual cup. Solutions to make life easier for these ladies are constantly evolving. We are surprised to see more and more women, after the revolution of innovative solutions such as the tampon or…

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