Therapeutic features of diamond stone in lithotherapy


Therapy has become a wide field that needs exploration. In many ways, therapy has become the centre of human life. On the other hand, lithotherapy comes from a combination of two Greek words lithos, which means stones and therapiea meaning healing. Therefore, this word means healing stones. For more information about these stones, visit

In recent years, many scientists have studied minerals, intending to achieve the following objectives: to improve the existence of man-kind physically, psychically and spiritually. Natural stones have made a huge difference in making the therapy process to be done in a much easier way. This article will discuss how this stone helps in therapy.

The history of the stone

Discovered in India over 3000 years ago, extraction of the stone started. Their extraordinary beauty and durability have made them an important aspect of many cultures. During the Times of antiquity, it was a precious stone in Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome.

People wore it as an amulet to protect them against poisons. Moreover, it was associated with eternal love in ancient Greek-roman mythology. During the Renaissance, the reputation of the stone grew as a poison antidote. Priced by royalty and aristocracy, it had a unique name, commonly known as a panacea.

It was during this time that the stone made ornaments found at the top of crowns, pendants and other objects to show loyalty. In the ancient Maharajas, the stone symbolized the third eye ultimately, showing divine rule and power.


Derived from Latin name called Diamas, the stone means hard matter. In Greekadamas, it means unbreakable. Under normal pressure and temperature, this stone is a metastable form of carbon. It can withstand a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius in a neutral atmosphere, plus a limited amount of oxygen.

The hardness of this stone completely depends on how pure it is. The purity of this natural stone has characteristics based on the atomic structure with a specific combination of carbon atoms that makes it outlook all other minerals.

The one major fact about these stones is that It is a piece of natural stone jewellery that comes in different colours. Check out some of the naturally occurring colours available in today’s market:

  • Yellow, commonly found in South Africa.
  • Blue as the sky or the ocean, found in South Africa and India
  • Green, treasured by gem collectors, found in South Africa.
  • Red, rare and very precious. Few of these exist.

Importance of these stones in lithotherapy

As much as you have now seen how much this natural stone jewellery is priceless. It is time to see the features that make it so important for some sessions in therapy. Consider this list below.

1. Links to motherhood

In the Hindu culture, the stone is considered to be very important in regard to the birth of a newborn in the community. With its presence, it helps to ease labour pains when giving birth.

Considering how precious the stone is, rubbing the stone smoothly on to the mother to be belly makes the pains to ease away. It allows the delivery process to be bearable.

2. Improving health

These stones help in making people live healthy and longer lives. Therapists often recommend drinking water that natural stone jewellery has rested in overnight. The water is beneficial in the human body as it releases all the potential diseases.

Remember that litho therapists recommend that you should not wear jewellery that belongs to someone else, rather buy your own from a reliable supplier. More so, will help to reduce the inheritance of health issues from the owner.

3. Protecting the human body

In ancient India, the stone was used to cure poison in the human body. In this case, it includes the human mind too. In the presence of the stone, the owner will have protection against nightmares and limit the excess of worries.

The stone removes all the hindrance that makes life uncomfortable. It is in the regards of Insomnia because of the daily stress. In other words, the stone removes impurities in your life hence making it good as new and prosperous.

4. Guaranteeing physical composure

It helps in giving people strength (energy booster). It makes a person have a good vibe in with the relation to how to cope up with daily life struggles. In the presence of minerals, you gain confidence and become relentless.

Beauty is a big part also in the physical part of a person. Consuming powdered crystals will give out a good feeling which boosts the self-esteem of anyone in contact with it. Nevertheless, the jewellery itself gives out the beauty of a person.

5. Mediator

In the Hindu culture, the gems help in giving out a vibration that positively affects the organs of the body (In particular the brain). It is responsible for making boosting positivity in thinking.

It is responsible for fostering the art of imagination and creativeness. It gives a person the willpower to succeed and express themselves in many ways. It is for this reason that gemstones are used by artists and musicians to make them come up with more extraordinary ideas.

Just in the way a person thinks of themselves can have a huge impact on life prosperity. The gems help discover the innermost potential into becoming the best version of oneself possible.

6. Instilling the element of trust

With regard to the relationship status of many couples, people consider the stone as a sealed deal in making love public. Considering its priceless nature, getting one of these stones for your partner will be proof of how much you mean to them.

Nevertheless, it is a symbol of great abundance in the relationship and all its forms of purity. All in all, they represent commitment and a sign of fidelity in marriage.

7. Stress relievers

Many ways have been proven to cure stress. Using these gems in lithotherapy helps to remove all the daily anxieties and hence helps in focusing the innermost energies into making yourself successful.

This is not voodoo but a form of massaging therapy helping to realize the connection of the human experience with the wellbeing of the body.

8. Releases rheumatism

These are problems related to muscles, joints and bones. When placed on the body during therapy, stretching of the muscles help to relax the body, making you feel completely in a tranquil mode. Some of these issues may be caused by genetics and family-related misconceptions. With the use of a crystal, the cycle of these diseases is cut loose.

9. Promotion of Psychic abilities

Contact with the other side of life has always fascinated many people. In this case, those people who want to get in touch with the loved ones who passed away. Relaxing your mind helps in achieving a state of Zen which makes the mind clear. This fosters projections in the mind that can either give you the answers that you well deserve.

10. Achieving inner peace

It explains particularly people who have found themselves in hard situations and later found it hard to forgive themselves. Therapy using these stones is an answer to make the pain go away and forgive themselves for all the negative things in life.

The process makes you feel in a meditation mode hence projecting all the life events that you have faced and the situations which you might have acted differently. You refocus your energy to build up life.

Performing the process of lithotherapy

There are several procedures that a therapist takes you through when performing this process. Check out some of how this therapy works.

  • Placed at the lower back: This is the position where kidneys are; hence meant to eliminate any kidney-related issues (kidney stones)
  • Wearing jewellery with the crystals: Acts as a bridge that helps to improve communication with higher beings.
  • Placing them in different parts of the house: foster good relations among the people living in the house.


This kind of therapy is associated with numerous changes in the way of living. It is a fostering agent that helps to make the elements in the human body to work in harmony. As part of releasing energy source, it helps to remove the emotional blockage and negative vibes; re-energising someone.

According to experts in this profession, different stones have different vibrations which highly depends on the colour composition. Therapy has a huge influence on making lives better. Depending on the person who wears the stone, different types of effects will be observed.

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