The use of semi-precious stones in lithotherapy

To be mentally and physically healthy, several methods can be used. One of them is lithotherapy. This method is based on the use of semi-precious and precious stones to heal and relieve certain ailments of the body and mind.

Lithotherapy: what is it?

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine that heals by using semi-precious and precious stones of several kinds, namely agate, rock crystal, amethyst, tiger's eye, obsidian, citrine, aquamarine, ruby, turquoise, etc.. According to specialists and patients who use this type of treatment, these stones naturally emit a singular "resonance" or "vibration" that has the power to improve the well-being of the person in contact with it or close to it. In fact, lithotherapy specialists recommend that their patients wear jewellery encrusted with precious stones. However, even today, scientists have not been able to scientifically prove the effectiveness of lithotherapy nor the existence of an "energy" specific to these stones. Because of this lack of scientific proof, lithotherapy is rather considered to be a pseudo-science and therefore is not based on any scientific demonstration.

The agates

You can easily find agates at a lithotherapy shop or at signs that sell this kind of product. Agates are found all over the world in many varieties and in very large numbers. These stones belong to the quartz family. The name "agate" comes from the river Achates in Sicily where this stone was widely exploited for ornamental purposes. In lithotherapy, there are agates which are more used than others, such as the Botswana agate. This type of agate often comes in a pinkish and grey colour with alternating bands of colour. It is used in case of fatigue. In addition, it can have beneficial effects on the lungs and skin. Also, it is very appreciated because it helps smokers in their process of quitting by reducing the feeling of craving but also by purifying the respiratory tract. On the other hand, Botswana agate helps the person using it to keep their spirits up and also promotes the regeneration of brain tissue. In addition to Botswana agate, there is also moss or dendritic agate. This agate is green and white, slightly translucent. By using it, this stone brings back harmony with nature and its people. Thus, it helps to be in harmony with the soul, to return to the essential needs to be in harmony with the deep nature of each one. In case the person who wears this stone is sensitive enough, he will probably be able to see the spirits of nature while wearing it. Besides, it is strongly possible to regain a taste for life in case of depressions with the foam agate. On the physical level, foam agate is effective in the fight against diabetes. Without forgetting the blue agate which is also called chalcedony or bluelace agate. As its name suggests, it is light blue with alternating bands of different shades. This agate can promote communication with gentleness and non-judgment. It also helps to recover from throat hoarseness.

Eye of the tiger

As its name says, the eye of a tiger is a stone that visibly reminds one of a tiger's eye. You should know that in the past it was also called the wolf's stone. Because of its reflection, this stone can easily be confused with ox's eye, hawk's eye, iron's eye or even cat's eye even though they are of different colours. This stone is highly prized in lithotherapy for its effectiveness. In addition, you will not have any difficulty to find it on the market because this stone is present in large quantities. However, it is useful to know that it depends on the locality, the sellers and the periods. The eye of the tiger has an emotional and spiritual effect. Indeed, it is advisable to wear this stone to chase away an evil eye and to protect oneself against black magic. It is also recommended to fight against empathy problems. In case a person is overwhelmed by the energies of places or people, the eye of the tiger helps him to be himself instead of mixing what he feels with all the surrounding energies and emotions. It is also for this effect that the eye of the tiger is a protective stone. In addition, this stone helps her to no longer be influenced by the bad energies sent voluntarily or involuntarily. Apart from the evil eye, the eye of the tiger is a stone that can protect the wearer from the bad energies produced by slander or negative thoughts. It will thus act as a protective shield and will return the energies to its transmitter instead of impregnating you with them. On the other hand, the eye of the tiger is a stone that is known to stimulate the will. By wearing it, it helps you to go beyond your limits, to overcome your fears to be able to assert yourself with more inner serenity. Also, this stone can reduce stress by giving you more self-confidence. Another of its actions lies in the fact that this stone fights depression and makes you more optimistic. Also, it helps in decision making and brings a recognition of yourself as an individual. With it, you can easily become aware of your qualities because it encourages creation and reduces fears. In this sense, your friendly relations will be improved since this stone brings more confidence and serenity in your social relationships. Always in this optic, the eye of tiger allows to regulate the emotions and thus to dissolve the emotional blockages. During your exam periods, you can very well use it with pyrite, fluorite and citrine to have better memorization capacities and find yourself in an emotional state conducive to these tests. It is useful to know that the eye of the tiger also acts on the physical. This stone has effects on the legs, alleviates knee problems, regulates the adrenal glands (pancreatic gland and pituitary gland). In addition, it strengthens the metabolism, reduces asthma attacks, stabilizes hypertension, improves vision, balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, regenerates tissues, reduces mental fatigue, facilitates breathing by relaxing the diaphragm, and also reduces warts. On the other hand, tiger's eye also acts on gastric acidity by helping you to digest better, to fight against diarrhea or colic of emotional and non-viral origin. If you use tiger's eye daily, it is normal that this stone has finally given all the energy it could. It is then time to purify it energetically. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just plunge it for several hours in demineralized water, possibly slightly salty. If you want it to be even more energetically charged, you can then charge it in the sun or in natural light. Be aware that the eye of the tiger acts more on people of the sign of Gemini, lion, virgin and Capricorn. Also, it is more recommended for people who practice the professions of therapists, police officers, lawyers, scientists, insurers and accountants. It is mainly associated with the third chakra of the solar plexus called Manipura, an energy center that regulates emotions, and the first root chakra called Muladhara. It is also mainly associated with organs such as the stomach, intestines, spleen and gallbladder. If you use this stone in your habitat, you are advised to place large pieces of it in rooms to bring abundance and health, and to reduce the bad influences of others (bad emotions, evil eye, black magic).

The obsidian

Obsidian is a stone that is used to fight black magic and attacks from the lower astral. You can find obsidian in several varieties, namely speckled, mahogany, golden, celestial eye, etc.. This stone is considered to be an anchor stone that is able to bring to consciousness memories buried in the depths. According to lithotherapy specialists, obsidian is an extremely powerful protective stone. It must therefore be used with great care and over a short period of time. You should know that after a volcanic eruption, obsidian is the first mineral to form. It is the result of contact between molten lava and water. As a result, its formation process is extremely rapid and violent since it is a thermal shock. It is the same for the action that this stone could have on the person who wears it. It acts quickly to combat attacks from the invisible and negative inner and outer energies. It is advisable to consult a therapist before using this stone.
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