Which plants to use to strengthen the immune system?

Various diseases are caused by a weak immune system. Not only is it dangerous, but even worse, it can be fatal. So do prevention now and strengthen yours with the support of these few plants. Find out what they are and how you can benefit from them.

Natural defenses for the body

The natural method is always the best for strengthening the immune system. Chlorella and klamath algae are offered as excellent plants that can produce this effect. In addition to its fatty acids, chlorella is also known for its high chlorophyll content. It works on the body by oxygenating it, detoxifies and balances the intestinal flora and activates cell growth. Similarly, vitamins (A, B9, B12, C, D, K) are abundant in this type of plant, as well as minerals such as calcium and zinc.  On the other hand, klamath algae, which also contains almost all the varieties of vitamins necessary for the human body, provides us with trace elements or more precisely boron, which is known as a control agent. Mineral salts such as phosphorus, magnesium and sodium, phytochemicals and nutrients are also offered to us by this plant. As useful for the immunization of our organism, take some for a better health.

The use of an effective bacterium

You're probably wondering which one. It's the blue algae. Scientists call it "the cyanobacterium". It owes its colour and even its name to a blue pigment called "phycocianin" which, in combination with chlorophyll, makes it appear blue-green. In the form of filaments, individual cells and colonies, it is often found in lakes (it is an aquatic plant). On the other hand, the excessive abundance of blue algae has a rather negative influence on the aquatic ecosystem. There are interesting components for health, but be careful anyway... Saint-Augustin, a spirulina producer claimed that spirulina was part of a variety of blue-green algae, due to its composition of chlorophyll (ensuring photosynthesis) and blue pigment, mentioned above. What about its virtues? Non-insulating, a large quantity of proteins, gamma-linoleic acid and carotenoids are discerned. It retains antidiabetic and immunostimulant properties. It is also known for its substantial ability to lower the level of lipids in the blood. Moreover, avoid consuming it in the evening because of its mobilizing effects. But consulting a doctor before the cure will certainly not hurt you.

An easy-to-find component

The anti-oxidant also found in the spirulina mentioned, is what we need. It will protect us from free radicals. Why is it easy to find? The answer is in the food because it is not only in food supplements that it can be found. In the early morning, choose tea and drink it with cocoa (cocoa contains a lot of antioxidants). Include ginger in the spices you use. At snack time, have nut or hazelnut flavoured tea. For dessert, choose strawberry or apple. Your diet will be rich in anti-oxidants.
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