Advantages of using a lumbar belt

Published on : 21 April 20203 min reading time

For people suffering from back pain, there is an effective solution to reduce the pain: the lumbar belt. But what is it? And with all the models available on the market, which one to choose?

Lumbar belt: what exactly is it?

More than half of the population suffers from back pain. There are many causes: bad posture, pregnancy, etc. And the most impressive thing is that it is the lumbar vertebrae that are most affected. The use of a belt is therefore necessary to solve the problem. Indeed, relief is immediate! The lumbar belt should be placed in the lumbar region as underwear.

It is possible to use the lumbar belt in the following cases:

To alleviate acute pain: wearing a belt provides correct support for the spine and relieves pain To reduce muscular effort To get used to good posture to protect the back To prevent back pain during pregnancy And to prevent back pain during sports or physical activity that can strain the back

The back belt is made from support textiles and is equipped with reinforcements to ensure optimal support of the spine. On the market, there are different models designed by many brands. For more information on the lumbar belt, click here.

Look out! A thermal belt is not a lumbar belt. It is a heated lumbar belt, which only serves to warm the back.

Why choose a lumbar belt?

The back belt is a safe device that can be used to prevent low back pain, limit the risk of sciatica, avoid bad posture and relieve any type of back pain. Its effectiveness has been proven and it can provide an analgesic and proprioceptive effect to the patient. In addition, the material is flexible and easy to use. And it can bring stability to your back while helping to reduce the stress on the vertebrae. Finally, you can wear it anywhere. And yes, it’s equipment that can go unnoticed!

Watch out! For optimal comfort, you must choose a belt that fits your waist! Also, be aware that the lumbar belt cannot be worn indefinitely, as the muscles may lose their tone.

Which lumbar belt to choose?

First of all, you must buy a belt that fits your size:

Not too tight, which can cause back pain, and not too big, which will not help.

To choose the right model, measure your waist circumference. Then, two heights are available on the market:

for those who measure less than 1.60 meters, choose the 21 cm model and above, prefer a 26 cm belt.

Then consider your habits. Indeed, there are lumbar belts for all needs: for sportsmen, for bureaucrats, etc. So choose according to the intensity of your physical activity. Finally, the type of pathology will have an impact on the choice of belt. For temporary pain, a belt worn intermittently will do the trick. For permanent back pain, it’s best to choose a light, invisible belt that won’t interfere with your day. In any case, it would be better to ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice. They will be able to prescribe the type of belt that is best for you.

Be careful! Pregnant women should wear a lumbar belt for pregnant women, adapted to the shape of their belly.

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