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Political news in France and elsewhere

For those of you who love politics, you will have the opportunity to follow French political news in addition to European and international news. You won’t miss anything about the major political issues of the moment.

Thanks to articles, columns and interviews with political personalities from all sides, readers will have comprehensive information on the parties and the various players on the political scene.


Major economic issues (finance, industry, etc.)

The economic news is presented in such a way that it can be assimilated by a large part of the readership. The most important economic aspects are covered, from finance (banks, stock exchange, etc.) to trade, industry and services. Sections and surveys are reserved for household consumption. We talk about the purchasing power of consumers, the prices of the main foodstuffs, sales…

Major economic issues


The main social concerns

You get coverage of the most important topics in the social news. A fixed section is dedicated to education, where a different topic is covered each time. Social welfare, employment and trade union activities are also covered.

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Media: written press, radio...


Information on fashion, design, decoration


Fashion fans won’t miss any information about this section. The backstage of the great haute couture shows will no longer hold any secrets for them. Through a rich and varied coverage, the greatest events of international fashion are within reach. From Paris to Milan via New York, reports, columns and interviews with the main actors and figures of international fashion. Emphasis will also be placed on all aspects of design and decoration. In addition to the latest trends in decoration, such as furniture (coffee table, sofa, chair, living room…), wall coverings and paints, advice and decorating tips will be presented to readers in the form of columns and columns.

Leisure Art cinema music TV

Leisure: Art, cinema, music, TV

News is not confined to political, economic and social issues. It is also about entertainment and leisure. Art lovers of all kinds (painting, photography, theatre…) will have a specially dedicated section. It will deal with the main artistic events, exhibitions, auctions, paintings, photographs…cinephiles will not be outdone as they can follow the cinema news. Interviews with the biggest stars, the latest film releases in cinemas, trailers…for music lovers, a plethora of information is at their disposal (ranking of hits in France and abroad, dates and locations of concerts…). The TV news will consist of a presentation of the programmes of the main channels in addition to information about the series for the new school year. As for the Internet, there is an infinity of leisure news, but also technical, professional and marketing news, such as those available on Statistics SEO or other information platforms on Web innovations and technologies.

What s new on the Web and in digital marketing

What's new on the Web and in digital marketing

To say that the Web and digital marketing industry is evolving rapidly would be an understatement. With the world moving fast and changing daily, it’s easy to fall behind on the Web news that really matters. From headlines to in-depth analyses of emerging trends, our site, as well as other platforms like, will allow you to keep up with the ever-changing world of the Internet, Web marketing and search engines.